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Video Modeling for Improved Expressive Language Outcomes & Skill Maintenance

Learn why we use Video Modeling to encourage expressive language and retention of skills.

Effective Strategies for Communication & Learning (Birth–Age 5)

Our children tend to be good communicators. However, they may not be very effective at communicating appropriately.

For Parents

About Grays Peak Therapy

Our goal will always be to educate, treat and empower the families we work with. Learn more about our team and the strategies we focus on to achieve success.

Development Milestones

Children grow and develop at different rates. However, most pass through an identifiable skill “set” along the way. Called developmental milestones, these are skills that build on each other, from simple to complex, during predictable time periods.

Source: hearingfirst.org

Food Textures

Learn about different the textures and consistencies of foods through the Feeding and Swallowing Disorders Program.

Source: childrenscolorado.org

Cooking Club

Eating on one’s own is one of the most important developmental milestones for children. As skill improves independence is gained through small shifts in responsibility over time. Interaction with food exposes us to all aspects of cooking, from making a plan to cleaning up after snacks and meals.

En Español

National Down Syndrome Congress Seminarios Web en Español

Vea los últimos seminarios del Congreso Nacional sobre el Síndrome de Down.

Expectativas y Estrategias del Havla y Lenguaje

Nuestros hijos tienden a ser buenos comunicadores. Sin embargo, pueden no ser muy efectivos para comunicarse adecuadamente.

For Educators

Down Syndrome Educator Manual

Download the free resource, Supporting the Student with Down Syndrome in Your Classroom from the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan.

Improving Executive Functioning in Children with Down Syndrome

Recent research suggests executive functioning skills can be targeted in early development to improve cognition and language skills. This presentation demonstrates several strategies to target short-term working memory in children with the diagnosis of Down syndrome.