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Our Story

Grays Peak Speech Services, LLC has been serving northern Colorado since 2008. Since that time, GraySpeak Therapy has expanded to include teletherapy services, consulting, and private therapies for specific populations such as those with the diagnosis of Down syndrome, motor speech disorders, voice and resonance disorders, and feeding delays and disorders. We proudly serve those in Adams and Weld counties in Early Intervention and offer private therapies throughout Colorado.

Jennifer Gray, M.S., CCC-SLP began her practice serving very young children in the hopes of preparing young minds for the best possible learning futures while also growing as a specialist in the treatment of speech, language, learning and feeding for those with the diagnosis of Down syndrome. As a result, our team grew to specialize in the evaluation and treatment of children, teens and adults with speech, language, and feeding delays and disorders.

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Our Methods

In Early Intervention settings, we think about how our services will lead to independence in daily adaptive skills and future school success. Access to available resources is at an all-time high and we recognize there are many choices when determining a therapy approach and therapist or therapeutic team.

Assessment and treatment services are offered with a range of options based on client need, scheduling and economic feasibility. We strive to provide services that ethically match what research suggests, individual needs, and funding ability. Our services occur in multiple settings, session length, and frequency to make therapy as available as possible.

Our clinicians speak multiple languages (American sign-language, English, Spanish, French, and Marathi) and have specific specialties and skills to fit most any family-client dynamic. We take pride in our success over the past ten years and are excited to continue our growth with additional therapists and specialized services.

Many of our therapists have their own specialties and skills to match the vast array of communication and feeding needs. We also strive to collaborate with other service providers whenever possible. We believe in team collaboration and recognize all treatment techniques. Our therapeutic interventions are rooted in evidence-based practice while acknowledging innovative advances in our discipline and related fields.

If we do not have the expertise you or your loved-one deserves we frequently refer patients and families to more qualified professionals.

Our Clinicians

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