Grays Peak Therapy in Texas

Our very own Sarah Bookout has recently moved back to Texas, in the Houston area, to continue her work with GraySpeak Therapy offering speech and language services through teletherapy and limited in-person interventions, beginning in September 2022. This gives her the ability to offer speech and language services throughout the state of Texas. She will offer in person services in the Houston and occasional social groups for teens and young adults (cooking classes, park days, etc.). She hopes to expand these social communication opportunities (in- person and social groups) to El Paso TX in the future.

Please contact her if you are interested in learning more about speech and language therapy for people with Down syndrome.


Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray MS, CCC-SLP has specific training in feeding, oral-motor, and oral-placement therapies and currently specializes in treating those with motor speech disorders and dysarthria. She is currently treating, speaking, and writing about speech and feeding difficulties and abilities for those with the diagnosis of Down syndrome.

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