Speak Up for Down Syndrome

We have five speech-language pathologists specifically trained to help those with Down syndrome achieve speech clarity through improved voice, resonance, fluency, language use, oral-motor, and feeding delays and disorders as well as cognition/memory/executive functioning skills, and more. We are guided by evidence-based practices, parent and professional input, and clinical experience as suggested by the top professionals in Down syndrome research and practice.

Our Approach

Our speech pathologists specialize in speech, language and feeding skills for those with Down syndrome. We treat infants to adults in a variety of settings to optimize time, cost and evidence-based practices.

We focus on how speech enhances communication at all ages and stages of development by going beyond articulation of sounds and words to address the unique qualities of speech and language of those with Trisomy 21. Individual strengths are used to help relative weaknesses in areas such as interpersonal communication, accessing knowledge, short-term verbal memory and speech clarity.

As specialists we tailor interventions to individual, familial and educational needs using functional goals and strategies. This improves rate of skill acquisition, use and maintenance. We use functional activities of daily living in natural environments such as your home, school, work, play and community to ensure results.

Our Services

We offer assessments, evaluations and treatment of speech, language and feeding delays and disorders throughout the state of Colorado.

    early intervention

    home-based settings

    community settings

    teletherapy services

    When possible, long and short therapy sessions are offered to maximize therapy time as a part of busy schedules of school, work, and play. Traditional one-hour sessions and shorter and more frequent session tracks are matched with patient need and therapist recommendation. Recent research suggests shorter and more frequent sessions for motor speech disorders are more appropriate and effective.

    The use of telepractice and teletherapy platforms for intensive skill acquisition is proving to be more effective for speech acquisition and clarity than more traditional length and frequency of visits.


    Jennifer Gray, Mary Beth Hines | 1 hour | Audio

    Jennifer Gray, Mary Beth Hines | 1 hour | Audio

    Jennifer Gray | 41 minutes | Video

    Jennifer Gray, Jennifer Martin | 45 minutes | Podcast