Our Services

Find all of our services and treatments listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out through our contact form.

Speech & Language Education

We provide private speech, language and feeding evaluations and therapies for children, adolescents and adults with various delays and disorders.

Early Intervention

Early intervention services are aimed toward children between birth and the age of 3. These services are available in Adams and Weld counties through North Metro Community Services and Envision.

In-Home Therapy

Private speech, language and feeding evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults with various delays and disorders.

Feeding Therapy

1:1 techniques for children with feeding and swallowing disorders to help harness the ability to chew and breathe properly while eating.

Telepractice & Teletherapy

Video speech therapy sessions through a private platform allow speech pathologists to meet the needs of children and parents with physical limitations.

Preschool & K-level Learning Centers​

Individual speech and language services in preschool and K-level learning centers throughout the North Metro Community Services.

Group Skills Classes

Cooking classes, grocery shopping and more activities for teens and adults living with Down syndrome.

Group Therapies

Group therapies and special interest clubs are available for teens and adults with Down syndrome.

Treatment Techniques


We earned a Level 5 TalkTools Certification by training with expert instructors who follow a standardized, attainable and results-based training program.

PROMPT techniques are learned through hands-on tactile-kinesthetic input and emphasize the need to integrate this into a holistic therapy approach.

Lori Overland
Feeding Techniques

Lori Overland, MS, CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC is a speech and language pathologist and owner of Alphabet Soup. Lori specializes in dealing with the unique needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children with oral sensory-motor, feeding and oral placement/speech disorders.


LSVT LOUD is a treatment program originally developed for adults with Parkinson disease. This intensive, neuroplasticity-based treatment addresses a range of communication impairments and is personalized to the unique communication goals of each child.

Beckman Oral-Motor Program

Beckman Oral Motor provides intensive hands-on workshops taught by Debra Beckman, who has worked in the field of communicative disorders since 1975, specializing in motor speech disorders.

Kaufman Speech Treatment Approach

The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol (K-SLP) is a treatment approach for childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), other speech sound disorders, and expressive language challenges.

The Hanen Program

The It Takes Two to Talk Program is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified as having a language delay. In a small, personalized group setting, parents learn practical strategies to help their children learn language naturally throughout their day together.

See and Learn Program

See and Learn Speech is an evidence-based program designed to help children with Down syndrome develop spoken language skills and clearer speech.