Telepractice and Teletherapy Available

Update — August 10, 2020

As we continue to put health first, we are offering more social skills groups. COVID-19 precautions have delayed many social opportunities, but social technology applications give us a way to bridge this gap.


Grays Peak Speech Services offers functional communication groups for children and teens. We know speech, language, and eating skills are best learned and practiced in real-life activities of daily living. This is why we use active engagement as the foundation for communication improvement in shared activities such as cooking, accomplishing chores, and using social technology. Shared experiences provide the contexts for authentic social communication opportunities that fosters motivation and independence.

Participants of these groups are encouraged to begin managing their own schedules and calendars, receiving and replying through digital communication platforms (email, phone, text, and meeting applications such as Zoom and GoTo Meeting). Other social messaging apps (such as Marco Polo) are used between group meetings to observe and demonstrate shared tasks. This reinforces new skills through the use of peer modeling and visual demonstration.



Update — March 20, 2020

At Grays Peak Therapy, we are equipped with language, cognitive, and feeding teletherapy tools to continue services for those of all ages via Telepractice.

We are offering individual therapies, consults, and coaching for parents and therapists. Contact us today and let us help you continue services while you are at home. We use meaningful activities in natural environments to improve communication and feeding abilities.


Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray MS, CCC-SLP has specific training in feeding, oral-motor, and oral-placement therapies and currently specializes in treating those with motor speech disorders and dysarthria. She is currently treating, speaking, and writing about speech and feeding difficulties and abilities for those with the diagnosis of Down syndrome.

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