Sarah Bookout


Sarah Bookout is a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist at GraySpeak Therapy. She is from El Paso, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where she received her bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders in 2018 and her master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 2020. She grew up speaking Spanish at school and with friends and spent time in Costa Rica volunteering at a cleft lip and palate clinic where she refined her Spanish skills. She continues to practice Spanish with her current clients and enjoys any opportunity to speak both languages! Since graduating, she has chosen to apply her skills to helping those with Down syndrome achieve speech clarity and independence. She has discovered a passion for working with teens and adults with moderate to severe speech and language disorders and uses techniques to improve speech clarity that prepare her clients for improved social skills that enable them to build relationships, pursue jobs, and establish personal interests. Her clients practice functional communication and life skills by targeting executive functioning, short term/working memory, and motor planning. She has a certification in LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Training) LOUD and uses the program with children, teens, and adults to increase speech intelligibility, sentence length, and vocal confidence through “being loud”. Her goal is to help children, teens, and adults with Down Syndrome become independent by using their voice.