Speech Language oral-motor evaluations

Assessments & Speech Evaluation
A speech, language, oral-motor, or feeding evaluation is an excellent option if you or your child has not been recently evaluated to determine current skill and ability levels.  Assessments can be scheduled for specific needs or global functioning depending on your concerns or referral.  Grays Peak Speech Services believes initial evaluations to be very beneficial in determining specific therapeutic interventions and individual needs.

Specific Evaluation of Skills

If you or your child has a current evaluation, IFSP, or IEP from a school, other professional/therapist, or specialist, Grays Peak Speech Services can offer a partial assessment of specific skills to supplement current or other therapies or diagnosis.


Grays Peak Speech Services offers ongoing weekly or monthly therapy sessions.  Therapy sessions typically last 30-60 minutes depending on the need and/or attention of each client or family situation. This will be determined based on the initial meeting or assessment. Therapy may be conducted at Grays Peak Therapy or in your own home depending on location and scheduling.

Program Plans

If you or your child do not need ongoing therapy sessions, but would like an assessment and home program to follow or use with your current therapist, a Program Plan may be an ideal choice for you and your family.  A Program Plan involves an initial evaluation with Jennifer or other therapist at Grays Peak Speech Services and will provide you with a therapy plan you can follow in a step-by-step format.


Grays Peak Speech Services is willing to do consults if you and your family are in the process of determining your or your child’s needs or currently level of functioning.  These can be done in person (preferred), with your current therapist, over the phone, or using video conferencing technology (teletherapy).

Travel Clincs

Jennifer Gray and Grays Peak Speech Services, LLC offers assessments and treatments for groups of people and families in need of specialized interventions. Please contact us to inquire if this would fit your needs. Our therapists can travel to a location to offer intensive therapy, education, and consulting for 1-4 days. Availability is based on number of individuals interested (minimum of four persons, families, or professionals) and cost and distance of travel.